CSR commitment

A committed

Since the company’s inception, Auriga Partners has been concerned with issues of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Auriga Partners has thus initiated a charter of social responsibility and a responsible investment policy. The firm’s role in taking ESG (environmental, social and governance) criteria into account is to encourage and raise awareness among companies with the aim of ensuring balanced growth between economic and financial performance on the one hand, and social development and respect for the environment on the other.

Our commitments


Auriga Partners supports the development of companies that respect the environment, make sustainable use of natural resources and control the environmental impact of their activities

Social Responsibility Charter


Auriga Partners invests in companies that seek above all to create wealth and jobs in their regions, while respecting health, safety, quality of life in the workplace and the development of individuals, as well as social dialogue, which is the key to progress.

Responsible Investment Policy


Auriga Partners finances companies with innovative technologies that are likely to grow rapidly, create jobs and promote know-how. Auriga Partners supports these companies from inception through to IPO and initial capital increases or M&A.


Auriga Partners is committed to investing in companies that implement effective, structured, ethical and transparent governance procedures that are attentive to the interests of their stakeholders.

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